Entries by Martina Mercer

Let’s Go Vegan – Willie’s Cacao Vegan Chocolate and Gifts

At Willie’s Cacao, our customers know that, the focus is always on the quality and the purity of the ingredients in the chocolate. Simplicity is key and ancient processes are used to celebrate the natural flavours while enhancing the taste of the cocoa bean, without needing artificial or synthetic ingredients to do so. As Willie […]

Where is Willie Harcourt-Cooze Now?

Willie Harcourt-Cooze is fondly remembered for his two TV series Willie’s Wonky Chocolate Factory and The Chocolate Revolution on Channel 4 in 2009. In this series he started his journey, from Venezuela to Devon, on a mission to create  the world’s best  chocolate. He was determined to create a chocolate that was all about the […]

The Matcha Journey, From Uji to Uffculme

Willie has always known that the tea we drink in the UK is a poor imitation of tea how it’s supposed to be. By adding milk, and often sugar, we drown out the antioxidants and much of the flavour that gives tea it’s respect in Japan and China. Matcha is the ultimate green tea, as […]


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