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Calling all home bakers and chocolate lovers! Join Willie for his first live and interactive Bake Along on Saturday 5th June at 11am Find out more. Tickets are free, all you need are the ingredients. Sign up here and we will send you a code to get 20% off the chocolate you need.

Willie’s Cacao cooking chocolates are used by top chefs all over the world. Use couverture chocolate drops to transform your sweet chocolate recipes and savoury recipes by matching the flavour profile of the cacao with your other ingredients. 100% cacao is the real chef’s weapon, it adds amazing depth of flavour to savoury dishes like gravies and casseroles, and is what I use to make my hot chocolate. To make classic hot chocolate or vegan hot chocolate, use my award-winning drinking chocolate.

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“I provide the raw material for people to put their passion to work in the kitchen.”


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