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Join My Chocolate Tasting Club and get a monthly Chocolate Subscription Box.
If you enjoy the beautiful pure flavours of artisan chocolate, then you’ll LOVE my Chocolate Tasting Boxes.
Look forward to a themed box of 10 bean to bar chocolates dropping through your letterbox every month, each containing 1 hand-made, limited edition chocolate, the first box will have 2.
Great savings on buying individual Tasting Boxes, and Members get 10% OFF at .

“They are just such a treat and the combinations of flavours are fabulous.” Tasting Club Member


Discover the magic of ‘bean to bar’ chocolate. Enjoy the beautiful flavours of the finest single estate cacaos.


Be one of the few to enjoy my Magnificent Creations. You'll get two of my hand-made, limited edition chocolates each month.



Delivered through your letterbox. Choose All Dark or Milk & Dark chocolates.
Cancel at any time.

“Love the surprise each month, something to look forward to.” Tasting Club Member

What do you get with your chocolate subscription?

10 X ARTISAN CHOCOLATE BARS including 1 hand-made limited editions, in a letterbox sized parcel, the first box will have 2.
EXCEPTIONAL VALUE From just £22 per month plus delivery – Save up to £4 per month compared to buying a single Tasting Box
TASTING EXPERIENCE Tasting Notes and Flavour map to guide you through my selections.
THE FIRST BOX is always The Discovery Tasting Box. It's designed as the perfect introduction to my chocolate and it contains my iconic Japanese Inspired Magnificent Creations.
EXCEPTIONAL VALUE Just £21.99 per month plus delivery – a saving on buying individual bars.
ADDED VALUE Members get 10% Off on
GIFT PACKAGES Choose 3, 6, 12 months and cancel at any time.

“A real tasting experience with a lot of expert knowledge behind it.” BBC GoodFood Magazine

About My Chocolate Subscriptions

Each month we explore different single estate cacaos and the chocolates made from them, just like wine lovers exploring grapes and wine.
I pick 10 different chocolate based around a theme for my letterbox chocolates every month. That could be cacaos from a particular country, fruity flavours, nutty flavours. Each collection of artisan chocolates will include pure single estate cacao bars, flavoured chocolates and my limited edition Magnificent Creations.
My Chocolate Tasting Notes will give you a window into my world. I'll share with all everything about my reasons for making chocolate the way I do.

Always Something different! 

Most exciting is that each month you get to try one Magnificent Creation. I make it especially for the Chocolate Tasting Boxes. It isn't available in any shops.
I have jars of fruits soaking in alcohol and stacks of ingredients I've bought back from my travels.
So over the years I've experimented with many chocolates, but it wasn't just possible to sell them. For some, the ingredients are too expensive and hard to get. Some literally have to be handmade. They are the chocolates of my dreams. Truly Artisan Chocolate!


The first box you receive will always be The Discovery Tasting Box, designed to be the perfect start to your chocolate tasting journey. You’ll discover the amazingly different flavours of fine single estate cacaos. I'll share with you how I pair them with different ingredients.

Your first chocolates will be:
Pure Gold 100% Sur del Lago cacao, Rio Caribe 72 and Las Trincheras 72, Sambirano 71 dark chocolates; Milk of the Gods, Milk of the Stars; Luscious Orange, Matcha and two Magnificent Creations inspired by Japan.
– Yuzuya, White Chocolate with Yuzu. Yuzu is the sexiest of citrus fruits. Start by thinking Mandarin but floral, delicate and aromatic.
– Hojicha, White Chocolate with the smoky caramel notes of toasted green tea. Simply sublime in white chocolate.


With a subscription to my Chocolate Tasting Boxes you will learn the best way to taste real artisan chocolate, and the infinite wonders of fine cacaos. I choose my beans out of hundreds that I taste, for their pure flavours and charisma. I then pair them with the best ingredients, all of which are 100% natural.
You’ll discover the many crucial steps in making artisan chocolate with the finest flavours. In 2008 I was the first person to set up a bean to bar chocolate factory in Britain for hundreds of years. If you are inspired, join one of my Live Online Chocolate Tastings or take a look at my videos.

Treat Yourself, Chocolate for You!

Enjoy having a stash of some of the best chocolate in the world to dip in to!
When you subscribe to join my club and receive my monthly letterbox chocolates, you’ll save on buying individual bars, plus get a code for 10% off on for the duration of your subscription.


My chocolate subscriptions make a wonderful gift for the chocolate lovers in your life.
I send your artisan chocolates in a letterbox sized parcel so they don’t need to be at home to receive them. You can write a gift message to go on one of our beautiful World of Chocolate Postcards at checkout.


When will I get my box?

Your first letterbox chocolate collection should dispatch within a week, depending on the speed the bank takes to pass your payment onto us. Subsequent boxes will be dispatched on the 4th week of every month.

How do the subscription payment options work?

When you first set-up your subscription, we will ask for  payment for the first month immediately and your box will dispatch within a week, depending on the speed the bank takes to pass your payment onto us. In the next calendar month and for the rest of your subscription we will ask for payment on the 14th of every month. We’ll send you a notification email to let you know that payment has been taken. Your subsequent boxes will dispatch on the 4th week of every month.

How can I cancel?

You can cancel anytime.

Can I get a Vegan Subscription?

Yes, if you choose the Dark option, none of the chocolates will contain dairy products and all will be suitable for vegans

Can I get a NO & Low Sugar Subscription?

We do have Pure Gold which is a 100% cacao bar and also a range of bars that are 100% cacao naturally sweetened with fruit and nuts. These bars will all be in the Dark Subscription boxes from time to time but you can’t have a box that only includes bars like this.

Can I get a Milk only subscription?

For the moment we don’t have a subscription with only milk and white chocolates. But if this is something you are interested please email and if enough people ask we will see what we can do!

How can i change my subrscription eg. address?

If you would like to change your address please email we will see if we can sort it out.

If I am buying this as a gift, can I send a message?

You will be able to write a gift message at checkout to go on one of our beautiful World of Cacao postcards.

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