Vegan Chocolate

Discover the best vegan chocolates from our large range of Willie’s Cacao vegan chocolate. The majority of our chocolates are vegan because I tend to make things I’d like to eat myself and I am a dark chocolate person. So you will find dairy free chocolate truffles, vegan chocolate bars, vegan Hot Chocolate and even a Vegan Chocolate Hamper. No-one need miss out on delicious natural chocolate. Whether you are buying gifts for vegan foodies or treating yourself to the dancing flavours of single estate vegan dark chocolate, then you don’t need to look any further! And if you need inspiration for new vegan recipes, explore Willie’s sweet chocolate recipes and savoury dishes.

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Being a cocoa farmer myself means that I put the farmers at the heart of how I do business. I  buy all my beans direct from the farmers and never pay less than $500 a tonne over world cocoa prices. This is more than double the fair trade premium.


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