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Introduce your friends and family to the wonderful pure flavours of artisan chocolate in my Chocolate Tasting Box. Blow them away with my new Japanese inspired chocolates….. they’ll be talking about it for days!

10 x 50g chocolates 2 of which are my Japanese Magnificent Creations
Tasting Notes and Flavour Map

I have picked 10 chocolates to go in my Tasting Box that will bring alive what is so special about my ‘bean to bar’ chocolate. Most exciting, is that these include my Japanese Magnificent Creations that are special editions not in any shop. Discover Yuzu, the delicately floral distant cousin of a Mandarin, enjoy the gentle caramel notes in Hojicha, and in the dark box, marvel at Black Garlic & Miso, the umami packed salted caramel of the Japanese world. For more about these incredible flavours go on my blog.

For me to join you in your tasting, virtually that is, watch my Tasting Videos at Willie’s TV to hear all the stories behind the chocolates. You can have Virtual Chocolate Tastings with friends and family. Each person gets their box and one person watches my Tasting videos and shares their screen on Zoom. To do more than one tasting, sign up for a Monthly Chocolate Subscription. The chocolates are different every month.

My Chocolate Discovery Tastings are perfect for

  • Virtual Parties. Getting the box through the post in advance will definitely get people in the mood!
  • Family get togethers. Stay connected with friends and family, stuck in various places around the country.
  • Corporate Events. Congratulate your team for doing an amazing job in these difficult times.
  • Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries are all great times for great chocolate
  • Thank you’s. Teachers, carers, friends…

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