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I remember quite clearly my first taste of real chocolate – it was on my first visit to El Tesoro, the cacao farm high in the Venezuelan cloud forest that would become my home. We made a hot chocolate with roughly ground cacao, boiling water and a touch of raw cane sugar from the mountain. It awakened my mind. Not only did I feel energised, but I had a real sense of wellbeing and the depth of flavour was incredible. My eyes were suddenly opened to what real chocolate was all about.

Chocolate has become a sugary fatty confection, a million miles away from health giving cacao, which boasts some 400 different flavours and was worshipped for centuries for the way it makes you feel. It has become my mission to open other people’s eyes to real chocolate… to start The Chocolate Revolution!

So I have teamed up with Great British Chefs to do an exclusive Facebook Live Chocolate Tasting, and have created a limited edition Single Estate Discovery Collection of 8 bars specially for the event. Click through to get it for just £8 including P&P (normal price £16 + P&P), when you enter the code TASTE8 at the checkout.


This will take place on March 14th at 6.30pm. In this live streamed tasting extravaganza I will join Ollie Lloyd of Great British Chefs, and we will chat about the best way to taste chocolate and why artisan and mass produced chocolates are so different. Together we will try a variety of dark, milk and white chocolates and see the astonishing differences in flavour between some of the World’s Great Single Estate Cacaos.  You can be tasting along at home, and there will be plenty of time for chat and questions at the end.

All you will need is The Single Estate Discovery Collection, a glass of water and maybe you could get a bar of some other dark chocolate and so you can see  just how much soya lecithin and vanilla alter the flavour.

To join in visit  and tick “interested / going”.



We’ll be tasting these chocolates. You’ll see how very different the Las Trincheras and Rio Caribe ones are even though they are both 72% dark chocolates from Venezuela.  That is why single estate is important, not just single origin. Then you’ll taste the difference between cacaos with a generally more nutty profile and ones that are fruity. You can even taste these type of differences in the Milk chocolates.  Finally the incredibly pure El Blanco will make an appearance – a particularly good way to taste the lack of soya lecithin, which is the hall mark of industrial chocolate.

Pure Gold 100% Sur del Lago Cacao, Venezuela: absolutely nothing but pure cacao, intense but remarkably smooth

Las Trincheras 72,Venezuela:: a nutty 72% chocolate perfection for those who are new to or thought they didn’t like dark chocolate.

Rio Caribe 72, Venezuela: this contains the same cacao percentage using beans from the same country as the Las Trincheras, but with a very different flavour profile

Chulucanas 70, Peru: a fruity dark chocolate with a strong raisin, plummy flavour. 70% is the classic ratio of cacao to sugar that brings out the bean’s natural flavour.

Sambirano 71, Madagascar: another fruity dark chocolate but one that is completely different to the Peruvian above; think bright, fresh summer fruits.

Milk of the Gods 44, Rio Caribe: a milk chocolate made using single estate Venezuelan beans with a beautifully nutty rounded flavour.

Milk of the Stars Surabaya 54: an Indonesian bean made into milk chocolate with a slightly higher percentage of cacao. Despite being milk chocolate, this bar still contains less sugar than your average  70% dark chocolate.

El Blanco: Raw cane sugar from Barbados and the natural flavours of the non-deodorised cocoa butter is all that’s needed to give flavour to this bar without a hint of vanilla in sight. It’s also much less sweet than other white chocolate.

In the pack you will also have one of my Flavour Maps showing all the different flavour profiles you find in cacao and a map showing of where all the beans come from.

>See you there and Viva Cacao!


Follow live at 6.30pm on March 14 th
To save the date and get a reminder visit and tick “interested / going”

To get the 8 chocolates go to and use coupon TASTE8 to pay just £8 including P&P for the chocolates RRP £16. Otherwise some are available in Sainsbury, Waitrose, Ocado and independents.

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