Chocolate tasting is an ideal way to introduce yourself and your friends to the magical world of real chocolate. Melt into a world of adventure by familiarising yourself with the different single estates and beans, and discover the various flavour notes of real cacao, real chocolate.

A chocolate tasting can consist of one person or twenty people, it’s entirely up to you. Tasting alone is preferred by some, as you don’t need to share the chocolate!

Arm Yourself with a Flavour Map

Our flavour map (or wheel) is a handy guide to help you navigate the world of chocolate and work out which of the 400 odd sumptuous flavour notes you prefer. Although there are 7 broad flavour types, we have tried not to be too specific within this, as every person’s palette is different and you may taste hints that your friends may not.

Flavour map

The seven flavour types are:

  • Roasted
  • Nutty
  • Spicy
  • Lively
  • Fruity
  • Earthy
  • Floral

By the end of your tasting session, you’ll discover which profile best suits your tastes and your personality. Will you be fruity or nutty, lively or spicy or will you love them all?

Start with our 100% Pure Gold Cacao

Our Pure Gold, 100% Sur del Lago Cacao is the ideal starting point. You always start a tasting with the darkest chocolate. For those who don’t like dark chocolate, it may be a little too much,  but you will also be surprised that there’s no bitterness, as you’ve no doubt come to expect from a dark chocolate. Even though it’s 100% cacao with no sugar, just cacao and , it’s still incredibly smooth and wonderfully delicious.


Go nutty in Venezuela

If you thought you didn’t like dark chocolate, these famous Venezuelan single estates cacaos are here to change your mind. Taste the difference between the Rio Caribe and Las Trincheras, (discuss with your friends) and then compare your findings with our flavour map. What is so amazing is that they are both 72% cacao, both come from Venezuela and yet they taste quite different.  Say goodbye to any preconceptions you had about bitter, vanilla laden dark chocolate. You’ve just become a chocolate connoisseur!

After these you can try the Peruvian Chulucanas 70 and the Madagascan Sambirano 71. What do you think, the same or different?

Moving on with a Milk

Now let’s move on to Milk of the Gods and the Milk of the Stars. These could be quite unlike any milk chocolates you’ve ever tasted before as it is most unusual to find such great single estate beans made into milk chocolate. As you’ve now come to expect, the characteristic flavour notes from the cacao still shine through. The beans do the talking here. , as There are no additives, it’s simply milk, cacao and raw cane sugar  and natural cocoa butter.  The Milk of the Stars is especially remarkable. It has such a high % of cacao (54% vs c. 25% in most commercial milk chocolates) that it has less added sugar than a 70% dark chocolate.

The Grande Finale with El Blanco

Most white chocolate tastes of vanilla and sugar, this El Blanco however, tastes of white chocolate, the way it should be. Let it melt slowly in your mouth, and you’ll catch gentle flavour notes from natural (not deodourised) cocoa butter and the raw cane sugar. Happily these aren’t overpowered by sweetness as we only add the same amount of sugar as we do to a 70% dark chocolate.

You’re Ready to Tell the World

Now you’re a chocolate connoisseur, educated on the different flavour profiles of the world’s great single estate cacaos, you’re ready to tell the world of your new identity. Before you do, check out our shop with a dizzying range of milk, dark and white chocolates, from the Sambirano you now love (admit it!) to an El Blanco Raspberries and Cream.

There’s a chocolate for every palette, every mood and every moment with real single estate cacaos. Let us know what your favourite is. Welcome, to a whole new world of adventure.


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