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I have been planning this one for years and finally it’s ready to go. I'd like to introduce you to our long awaited Monthly Chocolate Subscription Box - letterbox size. That’s right, your favourite artisan chocolate bars in a glorious monthly chocolate delivery.

Each month I'll pick 10 bars with a particular theme. We may explore cocoa beans from particular countries, particular flavour profiles, different sugar levels… the possibilities are endless.

Most exciting is that two of these will be handmade chocolates I've made from particularly unusual ingredients or rare beans. These will form a series of limited edition chocolates that won’t be sold in any shop. So the chocolate subscription box is the only way you can get them!

This series of Magnificent Creations is what has been keeping me more than usually busy over the last few months. I have been reliving all my travels as I have been recreating all the incredible chocolates I have experimented with over the years. My trips have always been a great source of inspiration and discovery. On my travels I have found not just beans, but amazing fruits and spices, whether it be on a farm in the Colombian Massif or a cocktail bar in Tokyo.

For the first month I am going to transport you to Japan, the culinary mecca which blows me away with its astonishing palate of ingredients and obsessive perfectionism. Gen Yamamotos’ bar in Tokyo, opened my eyes to a myriad of ingredients and flavour combinations, all the fruits are freshly squeezed and spices freshly ground. This was where I first tasted Yuzu, which is quite unlike any other citrus fruit, more aromatic and floral, you could almost say other worldly. It was always going to be incredible in chocolate.

So how does this journey of chocolate discovery work?

  • Choose how many months you want, the more months the more you save,
  • Choose whether you want your Chocolate Tasting boxes to containing only dark chocolates or milk and white ones too. The dark one is dairy free and suitable for vegans.

Both have something for every mood and taste, but if you are still wanting more you can get 10% off at for the duration of your subscription.

The Chocolate Discovery box will take you journeying through the wonderful world of cacao. You’ll get a Flavour Map and they'll be tasting notes. You’ll become a real chocolate expert!

So if you are looking for the perfect present for a chocolate lover, here it is! With travel and the possibilities of getting out to see friends so limited, how great to be able to look forward to this little package dropping through your letterbox every month.  


Viva Cacao!

October 12, 2020


Published: 07/07/2021

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