This is a very big week in The Chocolate Factory- the launch of my Chocolate Treasure Trove. Have a look at, and you will find a vast collection everything chocolate, made with the best of the best ingredients: hazelnut chocolate spread, praline truffles, drinks and ground breaking ingredients.

The Willie’s Cacao chocolates that you buy in the shops have always been the tip of my chocolate iceberg. I am in fact constantly experimenting. It may be sparked by some ingredient I discover on my travels, or by trying out new machines, but the kitchen is always humming with small batches of one thing or another. Up to now I have been giving them to family and friends, but from now on I am going to sell them in small quantities, just on the website.


My kids’ favourite is the HAZELNUT CHOCOLATE SPREAD (300ml £7.99). This is one mind blowingly delicious creation. Peruvian Chulucanas milk chocolate and roasted Piedmont hazelnuts with their soft, round distinctive flavour. If you can resist eating it all out of the pot, melt over pancakes and warm toast, make milk shakes or eat with ice-cream.



Have a great time delving into my treasures

Viva Cacao!




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