Let’s Go Vegan – Willie’s Cacao Vegan Chocolate and Gifts

At Willie’s Cacao, our customers know that, the focus is always on the quality and the purity of the ingredients in the chocolate. Simplicity is key and ancient processes are used to celebrate the natural flavours while enhancing the taste of the cocoa bean, without needing artificial or synthetic ingredients to do so.

As Willie uses the minimum amount of ingredients needed to create his delectable chocolate, in order for the single estate cacao to shine, a lot of Willie’s Cacao products are naturally vegan.

Here’s a quick summary of our best selling vegan chocolate and gifts, along with a few recipes so you can find what you need for your dietary needs with ease. There is no soya lecithin, and no palm oil, while many products have just a few ingredients, namely cacao and natural raw cane sugar, making them suitable for people with allergies.

The Best Vegan Chocolate Gift

Starting with our biggest and best vegan offering, this vegan hamper celebrates cacao while offering a plethora of generous contents to delight any recipient. A beautiful hamper to give at any time of the year, our deliciously dark vegan hamper is packed full of mouth watering chocolate that’s completely dairy free.

Deliciously Dark Vegan Hamper

IndyBest 52% Medellin Hot Chocolate

Now available on the shelves in Holland and Barrett, this hot drinking chocolate created by Willie won an IndyBest award when in its infancy. It is deliciously creamy and frothy with nut milks and soya milks and is made on antique cocoa butter presses to extract the unique and moreish flavour. It can be enjoyed hot or cold.

100% Cacao Cylinders

Those of you who followed Willie on his journey on Channel 4, through Willie’s Wonky Chocolate Factory and The Chocolate Revolution will be familiar with the 100% Cacao cylinders, Willie’s signature product. Using a sterilised piece of pipe, Willie created the iconic shape and the cylinders are now available in Selfridges, Waitrose and many independent stores. The cylinder is versatile and can be used for a variety of dishes. It creates a delicious, energising hot chocolate when blended with hot water, it can be grated onto cereals and main meals as a condiment, and it can be used in a plethora of sweet and savoury meals. It’s delicious when added to curries, chilli, stews and soups, and rich and decadent when used in place of other chocolate in sorbets and cakes. It’s become a pantry staple for many who enjoy pure flavours, pure pleasure.

Pretty Perfect Praline Truffles

The dark praline truffles are completely vegan and have been named as the Best Vegan Chocolate Gift by many publications. Smooth and delicious, they are silky and irresistible while making an incredible gift! Now in new generous sizes as you told us that there were never enough in a box! You can find them on the website or in Waitrose and some great independent shops.

100% Cacao sweetened ONLY with Fruit and Nuts

This trio of bars is proving popular due to the purity and the no added sugar. 100% cacao has been coached for 21 days to created this silky, earthy chocolate that’s sweetened using fruit and nuts. Choose from incredible flavour combinations such as Pistachio and Date, Orange and Almond and Hazelnut and Raisin.

All completely vegan, and all completely delectable.

ALL of the Dark Chocolate

In fact from the 100% Pure Gold to the Las Trincheras, all of Willie’s Cacao dark chocolate is vegan and dairy free. If you’re looking to follow a healthier lifestyle or you are vegan, you’ll find an array of delicious chocolate just waiting for you in our shop. We’ve added the vegan logo to all of our vegan products to make it easier for you to choose the chocolate that’s right for you.

Vegan Recipes

Willie regular goes live on Facebook with chocolate recipes and in the future he will create some more vegan recipes for you to watch and cook along with. Until then, please do join us on Facebook and Instagram and take a look at the following vegan recipes we have right here on the website.

Cacao Pesto and Cherry Tomatoes

Cacao, Roasted Pepper and Chilli Harissa

Puy Lentil and Roast Tomato Salad


Chocolate Sorbet

Do you have a vegan recipe you make using Willie’s Cacao chocolate? Please do let us know.


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