Discover the beautiful, dancing flavours of  100% natural, artisan chocolate in with our new chocolate subscription. Each month Willie will pick 10 chocolate bars to go in  the subscription box in line with a particular theme. Most exciting, is that these will include 2 unique, special edition chocolates that he has made from particularly unusual ingredients or rare beans. These Magnificent Creations won’t be available in shops, so the monthly chocolate box is the only way to experience them.

This letterbox chocolate subscription is a great way to explore the wonderful world of cacao. Each month you will have tasting notes, and you can also find Willie’s Chocolate Tasting Videos at Willie’s TV.  These are full of stories from his cocoa farm in Venezuela, of his visits to remote Colombian farms and of experiments in his factory.

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. Free Delivery and ‘The More months, the More you Save’:

  • £19.25 per month for 3 months
  • £18.75 pm for 6 months
  • £18.00 pm for a year or more

. 10% off all the chocolates on our website for the duration of your subscription.


. 10 x 50g* chocolates including 2 of Willie’s Magnificent Creations. These will change every month.

. The Flavour Map and Willie’s Notes explaining where the beans come from and why he makes that particular chocolate as he does.


. Choose your type of chocolate, and how many months you’d like the subscription for

. If it is a gift you can send a message at checkout

*Please note that if ever included our Pure Gold 100%  cacao is 40g.


How many months can I get the subscription for?

  • Term
  • 3 Months
  • 6 Months
  • 12 months
  • Total Cost
  • £57.75
  • £112.50
  • £216
  • Monthly Subscription
  • £19.25 per month
  • £18.75 per month
  • £18.00 per month

When will I get my box?

You will get your first box within 4 working days of placing your first order. After that they will be delivered in the second week of every month.

Subscription payments are collected by Direct Debit every month around 15th of the month.
When a new subscription (recurring payment) is set up you will receive an email which will contain information to let you know the amount of your payments and how often they are collected. (Please note that if your payments are part of a subscription you will not receive an email before each payment is collected).

How can I cancel?

If you have taken out a subscription for a fixed period ie 3, 6 or 12 months then these are not refundable.

Can I get a Vegan subscription?

Yes, if you choose the Dark option, none of the chocolates will contain dairy products and all will be suitable for vegans.

Can I get a no or low sugar subscription?

We do have Pure Gold which is a 100% cacao bar and also a range of bars that are 100% cacao naturally sweetened with fruit and nuts. These bars will all be in the Dark Subscription boxes from time to time but you can’t have a box that only includes bars like this.

Can I get a milk chocolate only subscription?

For the moment we don’t have a subscription with only milk and white chocolates. But if this is something you are interested please email moc.oacacseilliwnull@pohs and if enough people ask we will see what we can do!

How can I change my subscription eg the address or the type of box?

If you would like to change from an ‘All Dark Subscription Box’ to a ‘Dark, Milk & White Subscription’ or vice versa please email moc.oacacseilliwnull@pohs or call 01884840650 and we will see if we can sort it out.

I am afraid we can’t change the frequency of your subscription. If you have bought a subscription for 3 months it will be for the next 3 months and the same for 6 months etc


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