Prep Time: 30 mins Cooking Time: 15mins Serves: 6

If you are looking for a super glamorous Easter dessert, here you are! Lop the tops off your eggs and pipe mousse into them. The egg cutting seems precarious but is rather fun, and the mousse making could not be speedier.

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6 eggs separated

300g of c.88% dark chocolate*. Willie suggests San Agustin 88 as it has the perfect fruitiness to go with the raspberries

80g raw cane sugar

450ml lightly whipped double cream 

*If you want to use Willie’s Cacao 100% cacao cylinders, use 180g of 100% cacao and a total of 180g sugar


-1 saucespan

-1 Pyrex style glass bowl

-1 bowl




For the eggs:

Use a hot sharp knife to cut the tops off the Easter Eggs at an angle. You can keep dipping the knife in boiling water and drying it.

Put your decapitated eggs in mugs or ramekins or something similar to keep them stable for filling and serving.

For the mousse:

Beat the egg yolks with ½ the sugar.

Beat the egg whites with the other ½ of the sugar until they form soft peaks.

Melt the chocolate in a bain marie.

Combine the chocolate with the egg yolk mixture, then add the lightly whipped cream.

Fold in the softly peaked beaten egg whites

Put the mousse in a piping bag and cut a very large hole in bottom so you don’t squash out the air as you pipe. Put the mousse in the fridge for about 20 minutes to cool and set a little, not longer than this or it is too hard to pipe.

Pipe the mousse into the eggs and serve. Try not to put the eggs in the fridge with the mousse in them for too long or the chocolate won’t be as nice to eat.

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