paradise found dark chocolate and amarena recipe


Prep Time: 1hr Cooking Time: 7mins Serves: 8

Decadent layers of Cloud Forest cake, soaked in Somerset cider brandy,
topped with light Rio Caribe chocolate ganache and studded with wild Italian Amarena cherries.

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For the Base:

6 eggs

175g raw cane sugar

150g unsalted butter

180g of 100% Rio Caribe cacao (If you want to use 70% cocoa chocolate, use 260g of it and reduce the sugar to 100g)

100g ground almonds

24 Fabri Amarena cherries in syrup

2 tablespoons of Somerset Cider Brandy (I use Somerset Cider Brandy Company Apple Brandy but you can use any brandy)


For the ganache top:

400ml double cream

80g raw cane sugar

90g roughly chopped Rio Caribe 100% cacao (If you want to use 70% cocoa chocolate, use 130g of it and reduce the sugar to 40g)


You will need 8 x 8cm round stainless steel moulds  or cake cutters

Baking paper



To make The Cloud Forest Cake base

Beat 6 whole eggs with 175g sugar until doubled in size.

Melt  the butter with the chocolate  in a bowl over hot water.

Gently fold half the egg mixture into the chocolate, then fold in the other half

Mix in 100g of ground almonds, and spread on baking tray so that once risen and fallen back the height is just less than 1cm

Bake in a tray for 7 minutes at 180 degrees.

Take 2 tablespoons of the syrup that the Amarena cherries came in, and add 2 tablespoons of brandy.

While the cake is still hot, make holes in the base with a fork, and pour over the cherry brandy syrup.

Cut 8cm diameter circles out of the sheet of cake and leave the cutters / moulds on the cake


For the ganache top

Gently heat the cream in a thick bottomed sauce pan

When hot but not bubbling, put in the chocolate and the sugar and stir until fully dissolved.

Cut strips of baking paper to line the inside of the top of each mould.

Pour the ganache over the bases, until it is 2cm deep

Push in 3 cherries into the ganache, so they are just poking out of the top

Refrigerate for about 30 minutes until set and cool.

Take out of the fridge, and push the desserts up out of their moulds and peel off the baking paper

Serve with cream

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