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Exquisite Absinthe caramel truffles by Willie's Cacao

Quality ingredients are the core of everything I do. I am always experimenting with new flavours. Infusing and soaking, dicing and drying, mixing and tasting to create something that inspires the taste buds. Something that takes you on a voyage of discovery, one bite at a time. 

Whilst staying with a friend in the sunny south of France, we set out in search of a local distillery. I have always been fascinated with the complexities of flavour within alcohol and wanted to gain a further understanding of the entire process, from ingredients to traditional methods.

Amidst the endless vineyards, hillside towns, pastel villages we came across Atelier du Bouilleur, a micro distillery run by artisan distillers, Martiel, Theresa and Mathieu. Situated in the protected French wine region of “Faugères,” this bohemian micro distillery focuses on producing the finest, small batch spirits. Utilising hand foraged ingredients, they are truly inspired by nature and tradition.

Together, we discovered a fusion unlike anything I have made before. The deep, complex flavours of Absinthe combined perfectly with the classic nutty, coffee notes of our Rio Caribe bean. And with that, my brand new, Absinthe Truffles were formed.  

Atelier du Bouilleur

“Distilling to us means to be inspired by the generations that used the alembics before us, to take time with our natural ingredients in order to extract their ‘spirit,’ as say the alchemists.” 

These elegant dark chocolate truffles combine Rio Caribe chocolate with a Faugeres Brandy base, a selection of artemisia from their garden, the citric freshness of wild mandarins alongside nutty cocoa flavour notes. 

Atelier du Bouilleur Truffles

They really are the chocolates of my dreams. Exclusively available on my website, among my range of Signature Truffles, you will not find these in any shops. 

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