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Pink Valentines Chocolate and Love

We all know chocolate and love are a match made in heaven, but have you ever wondered why sweet treats pair so well with romance?

Cacao has through its long history often been associated with romance and sex. Cacao was revered for its aphrodisiacal properties among the Maya and the Aztecs in ancient times. The conquistador Bernal Díaz describes seeing the Aztec emperor Motecuhzoma consume vast quantities of a cacao drink, which he was told was for success with women.

The Spanish were very taken with the idea of chocolate as a love potion. Although the Church usually allowed it to be drunk by priests and monks during fasting, a number of Inquisition documents reveal a deep suspicion of its alleged power to excite the venereal appetite, citing examples of men who sought out ‘knowledgeable women’, or witches, to cook up seductive chocolate drinks with which to debauch their targets. Equally, women would mix their blood with chocolate in order to seduce unwilling men.

Try Making My Aztec Hot Chocolate

Aztec Hot Chocolate

Modern research into the cravings of the female sex has shown that chocolate increases libido and counteracts mood swings in women. It contains magnesium and iron, so female chocolate cravings might signal a physical need for these nutrients because magnesium levels rise and fall during the menstrual cycle and iron may become depleted. Chocolate also contains phenylethylamine, another chemical that is found naturally in the body; it releases a dopamine in the brain that stimulates physical pleasure. It has been suggested that this is why some women say they prefer chocolate to sex, although this is probably oversimplifying things. After all, men love chocolate too.

Perhaps part of chocolate’s appeal is that it contains a molecule called anandamide, which is said to activate cellular receptors and make you feel happy and high. I am the living proof of this theory! Whenever I experience a dip in energy at the factory, I whip up a quick hot chocolate booster, or just grab a bite of unsweetened cacao if I’m pressed for time. Within minutes, I’m buzzing and energized again. My chocolate never fails to uplift me.

Showing our love through chocolate is still a truly romantic gesture and what better way to express it than with the pure flavour of real chocolate, made with 100% natural ingredients in small batches from the world’s finest cacaos.

Discover my favourite Valentine’s Gifts:

Take your pick from my best selling Valentines Day chocolate gifts. All deeply indulgent and thoroughly luxurious. From my Signature Truffles with beautiful gift sleeves to my Letterbox Chocolates, perfect for when you can’t be there in person on Valentine’s Day.

Signature Truffles

Willie’s Signature Collection of Chocolate Truffles
has been chosen by The Independent as The UK’s Best Luxury Chocolate Box –
‘The stylish personalised box paired with decadent chocolates make this our winning box.’

Simply sublime, they are craft made from fine single estate cacaos and completely natural ingredients.

Exclusively available on our website.

Letterbox Chocolates

Go on a chocolate tasting adventure. Each letterbox contains 10 or 12 delicious artisan chocolate bars, 2 of which are limited edition chocolates, handmade by Willie just for these boxes.

Each Tasting Box has a different theme – Choose The Discovery Tasting Box as the perfect introduction to single estate, bean to bar chocolate. Discover the amazingly different flavours of fine single estate cacaos.

Letterbox Chocolates
Valentine's Truffles

Chocolate Boxes

These beautiful boxes of artisan chocolates and luxurious praline truffles taste every bit as good as they look! We make all our truffles and sea salt caramel from scratch, even roasting our own nuts for the pralines.

Pure Flavours. Pure Pleasure.

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